Epistle For : November, 2016

From Glory to Glory greetings in Jesus’ name.
As a church, we have witnessed the majestic presence of God in our midst this year, in terms of massive salvation of souls, both in our church services and the various outreaches we engaged in.
We have also harvested lots of humbling testimonies from among God’s people. Indeed, our from glory to glory prophetic word has been validated in the lives of many and in this Commission this year. To God be all the glory.

For many that may not have taken full delivery of their minimum four quantum-leap prophetic word for the year 2016, it is not late yet. This is why by the prompting of the Holy Spirit; we shall be engaging the power of praise that will enable everyone of us take the delivery of the balance of our four-quantum leap prophetic package.

We discover from scriptures that praise warfare is a most vital weapon for provoking fulfilment of prophecies. As it is written, “This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare” (1 Tim. 1:18/ 2 Chr. 20:14-24)
For example:

  • Through praise warfare, Abraham saw prophecy fulfilled with the supernatural birth of Isaac – Rom. 4:16-21
  • Through praise warfare, Jehoshaphat saw prophecy fulfilled in grand styles – 2 Chr. 20:14-24
  • Through praise warfare, Hezekiah took delivery of fulfillment of prophecy – Is. 38:1-5/20
  • Through praise warfare, the early church continued to grow supernaturally – Matt. 16:18/ Acts 2:47/ Acts 4:4/ Acts 5:14/ Acts 6:7/ Jer. 30:19



However, we should be reminded of the following:

  • When we praise God for who He is, we provoke His interventions in our affairs – Acts 16:25-35
  • When we engage in high praises, we provoke God’s vengeance in the camp of our enemies – Psa. 149:6-9
  • When we praise God indeed, He takes over the battles of our lives – 2Chr. 20:17-24


But only the truly thankful can be praiseful, this is because only the genuinely thankful, can be truly joyful; and we know that joy is an essential requirement of the praise that works – Jam. 5:14 /Deut. 28:47-48
Therefore, thanksgiving and praise must become our lifestyle, if we must make the most of our adventure in the kingdom – Psa. 34:1 / 1Sam. 30:6/ 1 Thess. 5:18/ Heb. 10:36
From all the above, we can conclude that praise is a proven turnaround weapon in the hands of God’s people – Hab. 3:17-19.


Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of November 2016 is:


This month of November shall be a turnaround month for every Winner as we engage the weapon of praise extensively both as individuals and as a church. I believe this shall provoke the delivery of the balance of everyone’s quantum-leap order of testimonies for this year in Jesus’ name.

Therefore, for everyone who has been engaging faithfully in the ongoing Wonder Double Prophetic Agenda, either on the prayer altar or on the go in soul winning, the month of November shall be a month of fulfilment of prophecies among others in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Recommended books of the month authored by David O. Oyedepo include:

  • Understanding the Power of Praise
  • Wonders of Praise

Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is Lord!
David O. Oyedepo

Nov, 2016

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