My Season of Encounter with Power
Epistle For : October, 2013

Next levels greetings in Jesus name. We thank God for the strong healing waves across our church network worldwide all through the month of September 2013.
To God alone be all the glory.

But what is God saying for the month of October 2013,

According to scriptures, we understand that

  • Double Portion is the heritage of all children of God because we are the new generation Elishas’ of Christ. 2Kgs 2:1-15 / Zech 9:9-12
  • Also by revelation, ‘Next Levels’ is the portion of every child of God.-Is 60:1-3 / 22; 2Cor 3:18
  • But both our Double Portion and Next Levels Heritage can only be realized through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.- Is 61:1-7 ; Zech 4:1-6

As we will recall, the disciples were under the teaching and mentorship of Christ for three and half years, yet Jesus commanded them not to embark on their mission until they were endued with power from on high (Lk 24:49, Act 1:8). And after the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, they began to command unbelievable order of exploits.-Act 2:37-47 / 42-47,  Act 4:4 , Act 5:14 , Act 6:7

From all the above, it is evident that supernatural breakthrough is impossible without the ministry of the Holy Ghost because all the known forces of breakthroughs are embedded in the Holy Ghost. – 1Cor 16:9, LK 10:19 / Ps 89:20-24 , Ps 105:13-15 / Is 45:1-3 / Is 61:1-7.

We should however note that the power of God is in degrees in the lives of God’s people. So we can be filled with the Holy Ghost and be refilled and refilled – Ezek 47:1-10 / Act 2:1-4 / Act 4:30-33.

Every Winner must strive to grow in power for greater exploits this month – Lk 4:14 / Lk 9:43

Therefore, the Prophetic Focus for October 2013 is


Everyone is hereby admonished to get set for ‘Next Levels’ encounter with the power of God this month.

God will be launching His people into higher realms of the Anointing. Everyone will be scaling new heights in the Holy Ghost – Eze 47:1-10

Recommended books authored by Bishop David O. Oyedepo include:

  • Anointing for Breakthrough
  • Manifestations of the Spirit
  • Understanding the Anointing
  • Release of Power
  • Anointing for Exploits

(A 3-in-1 Volume – Anointing for breakthroughs/Understanding the Anointing/ Anointing for Exploits)

See you soaring by the empowerment of the Holy Ghost in this great month of October.

Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is LORD!

David O. Oyedepo


Jul, 2017

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