Proclaiming a 7-Day Fast

Heaven on Earth greetings in Jesus’ name.
Another midst of the year is here, a season of awesome visitation for supernatural turnaround. But we understand that nothing can be greater than the preparation that goes into it. As it is written; “So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the LORD his God.” – 2Chr. 27:6
Remember, among other things, God is committed to unveiling the hidden place of His power in the midst of the year, leading to the shattering of every everlasting mountains and perpetual hills, that is, long standing issues of concern such as: generational curses, spells and enchantments holding God’s people captive without knowing, while at the same time ushering us into our high places – Hab. 3:2-19
But a wave of spiritual awakening, which we call revival, is what sets the pace for such awesome divine visitation and manifestations – Hab. 3:2
For this reason, every Winner is required to prepare spiritually, not only for the realization of the ‘Wonder-Double’ Prophetic Agenda, that is, the doubling of the attendance in all our churches around the world, but also very importantly the delivery of everyone’s midst of the year wonder packages, which is all about supernatural change of levels.
On the basis of all the above, the Holy Ghost has prompted that we proclaim a 7-day fast beginning from Monday 1st – Sunday 7th June, 2015 across our churches worldwide. Without any doubt, something supernatural is about breaking forth in the Winners’ family.
Furthermore, apart from the Covenant Hour of Prayer, there shall be prayer meetings every day of the week as we usually have it during the 21-day of prayer and fasting.
Remember, seeking the kingdom first supernaturally brings us into favour with God and man – Matt. 6:33
We must spend time as individuals to pray down the realization of the ‘Wonder-Double’ Prophetic Agenda apart from our own personal desires – 1Tim. 1:18
Furthermore, we shall be breaking each day’s fast with the communion. This applies to everyone including those who may not be able to be at the prayer meetings by the reason of their jobs or other concerns.
Therefore, every member should expect to have the best of experience in this 7-day fast. This midst of the year shall be your own season indeed in Jesus’ name.
Remain ever blessed.
Jesus is Lord!

Nov, 2016

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